The psychosomatic language



Mood disorders, together with dementias and psychosomatic diseases, are the mental health problems with the greatest economic impact.


It is our communication center, the place from where we connect with the world. If it hurts, it is because your arteries have strangled and accelerate the blood pulse. Blood transports our feelings (love, acceptance, anger, hatred or rejection) and through the arteries and veins we give and receive love. The strangulation of the veins of the head usually indicates, therefore, an inability to express or receive those feelings.


It is the bridge between mind and body. A neck with little mobility indicates the impossibility of seeing in all directions: it is a very rigid and limited vision, which implies obstinacy and a narrow mentality. It can also be a reaction to extreme stress that instills in us the desire to lock ourselves up and limit ourselves.


It is a space where symbols and meanings are mixed. That is where we leave everything we do not want to see or show to others: it is the place where we buried feelings and experiences that have caused us harm or confusion. On the other hand, it contains the spinal column, the most important element of the whole psychosomatic structure, the pillar that sustains our being and on which the rest of the body is based. Back pain indicates a desire to get away from something, to turn away from it; or we need to get rid of “a weight” that we carry over it.


It is an overactive response by the immune system to an external agent; this response is derived from an internal cause. What are we really allergic to? Or to what do we react in a hyperactive way? What really causes that irritation and the strong emotional response of our body? Allergies tend to indicate a deep level of fear, a fear of fully participating in life or to shed the help to be self-sufficient. Also … Do we use an allergy to get affection?


As the center of love and the core of our emotions, it is associated with the whole range of feelings. Heart attacks are a desperate situation through which the body warns us that we have gone too far, that we are paying too much attention to material aspects or that we are struggling to get something of little real value and we do not devote enough attention to the family or to the affections.


They are the means that allow us to keep stability, move forward and feel safe in our relationship with the world. The problems in the feet indicate a conflict in the direction and in the production of movement, as well as a lack of security and stability in our environment.


Our body acts like a perfect machinery. If we do not attend to the first signals, it will send the second one, and if those times do not “give us time to attend them”, it will send the third ones. And those, are always in the form of physical illness.

Every pain, illness or problem is generated in all the emotions and repressed feelings that invade us. Recognizing and treating them is the key to living better and healthier.

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