Finding the ideal outfit for every occasion


Even more, when we have something decided we end up changing everything at the last moment. Informal, formal, sports, there are key garments for each occasion and some that serve more than one.

Do not worry, because you have several options and remember that you can be “informal” but at the same time elegant and show your good taste.


Basic combination with jeans

A long time ago, the jeans came to us and they stayed. Why? For its great versatility. For a field day, for your day to day, for the office in some cases and of course, also for an informal dinner. In this case, as it is a night event, it is better to use dark colors, such as black or blue. Forget the broken ones this time!

However, as it is a special occasion, I advise you to combine with a nice blazer and heels, which can be booties or sandals, the state of the station. You can use it with a simple shirt or a blouse with a detail for more women.






You could consider using something retro and hippie we have fallen in love again, and it is a trend that is perfect in the casual occasion. You can opt for a long loose dress or a kind of blouse with leggings. You feel like silk or chiffon, they will make you look elegant but at the same time very fresh.


Women in black

Without a doubt, we all love black. For an informal dinner, it is totally valid that we dress in black, we will give a mysterious touch. If you have a black dress, it seems too much, like a skirt and blouse, or pants with a shirt, etc.


Super feminine!

And of course, I can not stop saying short dresses as a very good option. Yes, stay away from the shine, sequins or shiny fabrics, it is a casual occasion. In cotton they are a good alternative.


Do not forget the accessories!

What can transform a look in five seconds, are the accessories. They can ruin it or make it successful. So do not forget to take them into account. On a casual occasion, as you can imagine do not exaggerate with the brightness, or shoes with 12 centimeters of heel. Look for something youthful: with a style and that adds to your outfit, for example, giving a note of color.

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