What is facial gymnastics?

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It is strategically designed to act where it is needed: raise eyebrows, define cheekbones, develop lips … each individually. You only need a mirror, a few minutes a day and you want to practice!

Thanks to these simple gestures the muscles of the face are worked to achieve a smoother and radiant skin in order to achieve a resplendent look with these exercises that tone your muscles and keep the facial tissues in good condition.

Steps to follow:

  1. It improves blood circulation by favoring the contribution and the entry of nutrients and oxygen into the cells.
  2. It reaffirms the skin tissue and tones the muscles of the face, slowing down its deterioration, while at the same time achieving a lifting in a natural way.
  3. Thanks to the effect of lymphatic drainage, it is possible to clean the cells by eliminating their toxins.
  4. Facial gymnastics prevents the appearance of facial wrinkles and small wrinkles that already exist on the face are blurred.
  5. It is possible to maintain a correct mobility and elasticity of the cutaneous muscles.
  6. The tension of the muscles of both the face and the head is eliminated. What helps to reduce headaches, neck and jaw pain due to the stress of our day to day.
  7. You can get to increase the volume of the lips.


Practice brain gym every day and you will see how your face does not age so fast

Be consistent in your practice and you will see quick changes, because the facial muscles are small.

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