Fat burning food

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When we diet, we can choose between depuratives, detoxifiers or fat burners. To make the latter is very important to keep in mind that there are foods that help the body to metabolize and eliminate stored fats faster because they activate the metabolism in a completely natural way.

To burn fat, it is essential to activate the metabolism and that it is the body itself that “digests” its own accumulated fats and we can reduce volume.

You can incorporate these fat burning foods into your diet and you will get your body to eliminate fat more effectively.


  1. The apples in the skin contain a substance called ursolic acid that is a compound that helps greatly to combat obesity and all the problems that arise from it, especially because it helps increase muscle mass and brown fat that is a fatty tissue that consumes white fat to produce energy and body heat. Both are the body tissues that consume more energy, so it is of great importance that they increase in our body if we want to lose weight, since in this way we will accelerate our metabolism, that is, we will consume more calories in a resting state.
  2. Cottage cheese: cottage cheese has three times more protein than naturalsnaks-to-lose-weight-3 yogurt skimmed. Providing proteins to the body we feel much more satiated for longer (is the trick of yogurt with twice the protein that Vitalinea took out) and also by not supplying carbohydrates to the body we will force them to burn fat to obtain energy.

3.- Lentils: they are a food with negative calories, that is to say, that the organism spends more energy in processing and digesting them than those that they contribute themselves, with what they help a lot to the loss of weight. They have a great satiating power and provide us with fibers and minerals that are very beneficial for the organism. They can be cooked without fat and with vegetables, making it an ideal food for dieting.

4.- Blueberries: they are berries very rich in antioxidants and with very few calories. They accelerate the metabolism of fats helping to eliminate subcutaneous fat tissue.

5.- Spicy chile: they are a type of hot peppers that thanks to the capsaicin that they contain produce a thermogenic effect in the body that produces an activation of the metabolism to produce that increase in body temperature that they cause.

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