What do women talk about?

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Of course, of course! It is undoubtedly one of our star themes, and what did you think? We talk about men. Present, past and future. Of men in general and of men in particular. Of course, also of our husbands. Above all if they are of high demand!

Of sex

Yep. As well. Some more timidly, others with more self-confidence … but we also talk about sex. It turns out that besides being entertaining, it’s good for your health.


Of children

Of the birthdays of our dear children, of the chickens that are mounted according to what groups of whatsapp, of how terrible it is to see our children suffer and how much we love them. Although, let’s not kid ourselves, sometimes we also fantasize about the crazy life we ​​will lead, when they leave home.

Of travel

Of the trips we made when we only had a backpack or those we planned to do with the whole family. With friends or for free. We talk about leaving or meeting. We talk about hiking, rural houses and editorial retreats and sometimes.


Of cooking

We meet in a restaurant or in the house of the one that touches him. The one who is alone that night or the one who stays with the kids and can not leave. We arrived with our more or less elaborate contributions. We roll up our sleeves and share our most secret recipes, our most uncomfortable allergies or our most bland diets. The case is to share things around a table. And arrive with joy to the dessert star.

Of pets

Of our dogs and cats. Of those we lost, of those we imagine. What to do with them when we travel, their relationship with our children or our mother’s gatofobia … We send animal bonds for adoption to motivate those who doubt. And those who doubt, every time doubt less.


Of clothes

What a surprise, huh? This one did not wait for you … Yes, we talk about clothes too! If we are going, if not, if the color is ideal for this spring, if we still fit, if we fill that bra …

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