What is necessary to be a mother

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To be a mother, no title or experience is required. Children do not come into the world with an instruction manual under the arm. No one is born ready to be a mother. However, women who are trying to be prepared to be mothers can count on a lot of information about health, education, pregnancy and childbirth, through books and the media. There are even some schools for parents already.

The experience of each woman, of each mother, is unique, personal, and incomparable. A mother with or without a partner, biological or adoptive, will always be a mother, without differences. The discrepancy will reside in the form of receiving each child, educating and caring for him.

Before being a mother, prepare well

However, there are some factors that women who are willing to be mothers should consider.

– Partner. It is advisable that you have a partner with whom to share the pregnancy, education and care of the baby. It is important for a baby to have a mom and dad. A single mother can perfectly take care of a baby, but if she has the complicity and companionship of a couple, the better.

– Information. It is important to be very well informed about the expenses of having a baby. It is advisable that you have something saved so that you can face the expenses, which are triggered mainly in the last months of pregnancy, and during the preparation for the arrival of the baby. It is necessary to economically plan pregnancy.

– Prenatal visits. Health an aspect to value when you decide to be a mother. Prenatal visits to the gynecologist will help you to know your state of health and to correct possible deficiencies before getting pregnant. In addition, a good diet reconciled with a healthy life, will help you to get pregnant more easily, and also to have a healthier pregnancy and delivery.

– Emotional moment. It is advisable that you do not conceive a baby if you are experiencing a moment of stress caused by an illness, or a separation from a partner, or a crisis at work. Some women think that a pregnancy can solve some problems, however they are wrong. It would only be an added problem. Get away from stress states because they can negatively affect your mood, leading to states of anxiety and depression.


– Patience. When a woman is convinced that she wants to be a mother, she does not always get it at the first attempt. In this case, you should not let insecurity invade you. Be patient. Everything comes when I have to arrive. Do not despair ever.

– Solve your doubts. It is important that you clarify all your doubts about getting pregnant with the doctor. Fertility, age, risks, diet, health, etc. Let no question escape you. That way you will feel more secure. If you want to have a child, do not accumulate doubts.

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