Benefits of leaving the car at home


Have you thought about how many times you use the car unnecessarily? Surely they are more than you thought. Do not you think it’s time to leave the car and leave the comfort? Even if you do not believe it now, you can also be happy using other scroll modes.

Do you want to know all the points in favor that I have found?

Forget about stress

If you live in a big city you do not need the car for almost nothing. Public transport networks are well laid out and reach most points of the city. You will say what you lose time. It is true. Maybe you have to get up early or you’ll arrive home. But it is only true sometimes. Sum to the time of the displacement that you lose parking, a task more than complicated in many points.
Also, do not understand it as a waste of time but as an investment of your time. Take advantage of the moments you spend on transportation to do pending tasks.


Many times we complain about not having time to exercise. In my case, more than lack of time, it is a sign of laziness. The way to combat it is to get off one stop before my destination every day and walk at a good pace. Go to the gym to do elliptical? It is almost necessary if you go up and down on foot the flights of stairs of the metro and Renfe stations. Do you see how there are alternatives for everything?

Promotion of reading

I have always said that I took a career in public transport. Do not think about the transfer time, think about the things you can do while going from one place to another and you do not have to be aware of the steering wheel or speed.
It’s good for everyone

Our desire for comfort leads us to use the car every day more for trips that we could do in other ways and, with this, contribute to the reduction of pollution and the improvement of the quality of the environment and, therefore, of our Health.
I see people who live nearby take the children by car, they go to buy the bread in the car … Do not you think we’re passing by?


Although you do not believe it, having a car carries many expenses. The purchase of the vehicle (or deferred payments, as we do most of the Spaniards) joins gasoline, maintenance and, if you live in a big city, a parking space, parking when you move or payment of the Limited parking areas. We go a continuous waste of money. To all this you still have to join insurance and traffic taxes, which is not little.

All this could be reduced with the use of public transport cards, the use of the bike (of course, which also has maintenance) and, when you need Taxi, Uber or Cabify.
Do you dare to leave the car at home? Try it a season and you will see how in the end you decide to do without the car because, in reality, you do not need it as much as you thought.

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