Tips to choose your braidmaids



In the same way as searching for the wedding dress, choosing bridesmaids is very difficult.

Believe it or not, ladies are important pieces in the wedding, not only because they visually look good together with the best men and together they surround the couple, but because they will be in charge of giving you physical and emotional support both before and during Wedding. Think of those girls you know who know you perfectly and who will undoubtedly be with you or without you to the letter with planning. To ensure who will make the perfect team, take into account these tips to choose the necessary profiles.

  1. How long have they known each other?

Know well before selecting. Imagine! You just met a guy a week ago and the next day he proposes you to a marriage with a Cartier engagement ring. Of course you do not say yes without first meeting him, spending more time with him and a long list of things to do to get to know each other and be sure to accept the proposal. Then, apply the same situation with the selection of your ladies. Time will be a great guide, no one better than you will know who is responsible, reliable, loyal and who has shown you that he is always with you in good times and bad. In this way, you will not have doubts or insecurities of the people that will help you around the wedding.



  1. Organized and responsible

Laziness and disorder? no way! just imagine entrusting your elegant wedding invitations to a person who is characterized by that of terror! Make sure that honor girls cover certain characteristics such as responsibility, initiative, unconditional support and creativity. The idea is that instead of giving you more work, help you on how to make centerpieces for wedding, spend your free time accompanying you to the latest tests of the wedding dress and be sure that they are trusted so that the tasks that distribute them successfully.

  1. Near you … almost neighbors

Not only do they have to be close to the heart to give you emotional support, but it is also convenient that they are really close to you physically. That is to say, that they live at short distances from your home or from the venue of the wedding.
Suppose you choose one of your many cousins, but live in another state. You can not count on their help, for example, to check the final demonstration of the wedding cake decoration. And that may even frustrate her a little. On the other hand, if they will have a destination wedding and this same cousin lives near that place, their contribution will be extremely valuable.

  1. Unconditional, in any situation

No one will know more than you who, during bachelorhood, were a great support at all times of sadness or defeat. And as they never disappointed you, they shared with you the best moments with which their relationship was strengthened. You know who you count with and who you do not, who are those who in a negative or positive situation were with you physically or emotionally. And who will know how to turn your bad mood into a smile!

  1. Do they relate well to each other?

For a team to work well, there must be good relations among all of them so that everything flows better and there are fewer errors. The importance that the ladies take very well with each other, will make you feel better, stable and confident, knowing that being together the environment that will be cheerful and harmonious.

The fact that they all have a positive connection will make it easier to search for the elegant dresses for the party that they will wear that day, in this way, they will all benefit and be happy.


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