Healthy Eat-on-Go Breakfasts for Busy Girls


Due to the lack of time, everyday its more common to get out of home without taking breakfast, but here is a healthy and easy solution that you can prepare overnight or some minutes before leaving for a busy day.

  • Overnight oats: Like porridge that cooks itself, overnight oats require about as much preparation as your average bowl of Crunchy Nut – but they’re way more nutritious. Add around 30g-50g oats to your choice of chopped fruit, nuts, seeds, and a tsp of sweetener, if you need it, and put it into your mason jar. Then top up with dairy or almond milk, stir, and leave in the fridge to soak overnight. Ta-da – breakfast is served as soon as you remove the lid.


  • Avocado toast: Smash avocado. Sprinkle with salt. Spread on toast. Eat. It really is that simple, but thankfully it’s totally delicious too. For extra health points, you can opt for whole-wheat or rye toast, and spread with coconut oil instead of butter or margarine. Both coconut oil and avocado are rich in essential good fats, whilst toast gives you an instant fiber boost.


  • Yoghurt parfait: Three ingredients, three steps, one of the easiest IMG_2220brekkies you’ll ever make. Fill a portable tub with half protein-and-calcium powerhouse Greek yoghurt, squeeze on some honey, and top with your choice of chopped fruit.




  • IMG_2221Easy banana pancakes: Got bananas left to spare? Mash them, whisk in an egg and toss in a dash of cinnamon and ready, you’ve got the batter for healthy, speedy, gluten-free pancakes! Fry blobs of the mixture in a pan with a little coconut oil until brown on each side, and enjoy.


  • Peanut butter wrap: Think outside of the toast-box and try a whole meal wrap for your breakfasting needs instead. Spread it generously with no-added-sugar peanut butter, known for being full of protein, potassium and vitamin E, and then fill with sliced banana or strawberries. Roll it up and you’re good to go.




This breakfast hacks can help you out and provide for the nutrients that you’ll need. Clever easy way to invest into your health.

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