Grandmas Tip for a Healthy Life


There’s wisdom behind the gray hairs of grandmas, who living during times without the technology that we have nowadays, gracefully survived the struggles of aging and remaining fresh throughout their years in full blossom.

Nature’s conditioner: Scalp oil:

Grandmas always used to brush her hair 100 strokes before bedtime to stimulate the natural oils of the scalp and move them down the rest of the hair shaft. This is nature’s conditioner! It also stimulates blood flow and exfoliates the scalp.


Don’t sleep on your face:

Grandmothers always advised to sleep on the back. Compression of the face when sleeping on your side or stomach causes distortion. Repeated distortion over time can cause sleep wrinkles and stretch the skin. It’s much easier to establish sleep habits when younger than trying to change ingrained sleep patterns later. In the absence of medical problems, back sleeping is ideal. If you can’t stay on your back through the night, try grandmother’s trick: a silk or satin pillow case. It makes your face ‘slippery’ against the pillow.


Wear your sunscreen:

Always wear sunscreen. Tanning was very popular with previous generations, and it’s only since then that dermatologists and researchers have begun to understand the consequences. I have fair skin and it runs in my family, so sunscreen is a must.


Castor oil isn’t just for colds:

Grandmother used to put castor oil in their hair. At that time, they didn’t know exactly why or how the oil worked in their hair, but saw that it made their hair thicker and smoother. Today, we know castor oil contains many vitamins and proteins, including vitamin D, which are great for hair health and sheen


Ignore the old diet advice and eat fattening foods:

Grandmas ate everything and had uniquely flawless skin. Their diet were a huge part of that. Grandmas used to scold their grandchildren it they didn’t eat fattening foods, stating that their skin, nails, and hair would suffer later. They granted, you want to eat the good kind of fats, and try to stay away from processed. You’ll age faster if you start cutting major food groups out of your diet.


Wash your makeup off every night:

Grandmas always told that no matter the events of the day, always end it with a clean face so that you could wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. It helps your skin breathe and heal while you sleep.


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