How to Tell Someone You Don’t Like Them


It would be fantastic if we could all just get along, but if you’ve met a handful of people in your life you know that’s not a very realistic expectation. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you simply have to tell someone that it’s not working out. Whether you’re breaking up with a lover, letting go of a friend, or just trying to shake someone annoying, here’s how to get the awkward job done.

First of all, there’s always more than one way to handle an awkward social situation. No suggestion is going to work every time. You need to survey the atmosphere, consider the person you’re dealing with, and remember your ultimate goal or reason why you’re breaking this bad news. I’ve been in this situation far too often and I’m still a far cry from an expert, so I asked people who are as well as a handful of regular people on the internet. Here’s what I learned.


Be Sure You’re Making the Right Decision

Rejection is unpleasant for everyone involved, and telling someone you don’t like them is probably one of the worst types. For that reason, you don’t want to make the decision lightly. You should be certain you don’t want this person in your life in a certain capacity or at all before you figure out how to tell them.


Don’t Be a Douche Bag

I’d like to think it goes without saying that you shouldn’t be mean when you’re telling someone you don’t like them. After all, the interaction is already unpleasant and even if they feel the same way about you, it’s still something that hurts to hear. That said, I’ve known people to be insensitive simply because it’s easier and I’ve known myself to be mean unintentionally. Sometimes you just screw it up, but you can at least try to be kind.